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Electrostatic Precipitator

Feeding Granularity:37000-378000m³/h

Features:Less energy consumption and high efficiency of dust collection

Technical Features:When the input high voltage direct current (dc) between the two poles in electrode space, produce anion, cation.

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The Inner Structure and Function of Electrostatic Precipitator:

Electrostatic precipitator is composed of control box, boosting transformer and rectifier. The voltage outputted by the power supply also has great influence on the efficiency of the dust efficiency, for this reason, the running voltage of the electrostatic precipitator should be maintained in the range of 40-75KV and even over 100KV.


The Advantages and Benefits of Electrostatic Precipitator:

Compared with other dust collecting equipment, electrostatic precipitator has low energy consumption and high efficiency and it can be used in the sites with high temperature and pressure of smoke. Practice shows that the higher the amount of the smoke to be processed is, the lower the investment and operational cost of the electrostatic precipitator will be.


  • Cement Grinding Station

    Production Capacity:25-195t/h

    Feeding Granularity:≤25mm

    thus greatly improving the output of cement mill and reducing the energy consumption.

  • Lime Production Line

    Production Capacity:150-600t/d

    Specification of Rotary Kiln:Φ2.5×40~Φ4.8x68m

    The qualified limestone is store in the material cabin, elevated by the bucket elevator

  • Aggregate Production Line

    Production Capacity:8-300,000 ton/year

    Composing Equipment:energy-efficient dryer machine

    Its composition is very close to that of the cement, and it has very high activity

  • Cement Production Line

    Production Capacity: 200-8000t/d

    Technical Advantages:highly efficient, high quality

    raw material crushing, raw material pre-homogenization, raw material burdening


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