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How to Solve the Problem of Large Discharge Granularity of Impact Crusher

Hongxing is a professional manufacturer for producing impact crusher. After many years of experience, we have made some conclusions on the problem of large discharge granularity of impact crusher.

Performance State

1. The discharging granularity of the impact crusher is larger than that of normal.

2. The amount of material returned is increased, and the energy consumption is increased.

3. It has an adverse effect on the operation of the next procedure.

impact crusher

Analysis of Causes

1. The discharge granularity of the impact crusher is not properly controlled. The width of the outlet is adjusted larger or the outlet window of the crusher is damaged.

2. The bigger grain size or higher proportion of large granularity ore makes the granularity of discharging material larger than that of normal.

3. The wearable parts of the impact crusher which are used to break materials are damaged.

4. The amount of materials in the impact crusher is too large so the grain size of the material is too large.

5. The change of raw material origin causes the change of mineral property. For example, the ore hardens and is not easy to burst.

Methods of Disposition

1. Check the working condition of crusher, find out the related cause, adjust and repair in time.

2. When the grain size of the counterattack crusher is large, it can be handled according to the following measures:

a. Adjust the outlet size of the counter crusher, check if the outlet window is damaged and replace it in time.

b. Adjust the upper crushing process to make the discharge granularity qualified, in order to provide normal working conditions for this process.

c. Replace the wearable parts of the impact crusher which are used to break materials timely. If there are any other failures, it is necessary to find out the reason and repair in time.

d. Control the feed quantity of the impact crusher in a suitable range to ensure that the maximum and average granularity of finished material is up to standard.

e. Try not to change the variety of raw materials. If it is changed, it needs to do the crushing process test, and according to the physical characteristics of raw materials, a set of crushing process is made and suitable crushing equipment is selected.



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