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Hongxing Rod Mill Has Been Widely Used in Each Sector

Rod mill is used for coarse crushing before ball mill; its feed size is less than 20~25mm, and general granularity is below 3mm. The main advantages of the ore rod mill are selective crushing, even granularity, small argilization, low energy consumption, high grinding efficiency, etc. it will not excessively crush and can produce cubic particle products according to requirements.

The rod mill is composed of feed section, cylinder section, discharging part, bearing part, transmission division, basic part, etc.

Rod mill

Range of Application of Mineral Rod Mill

This machine has two forms, namely dry rod mill and wet type rod mill. The customers can freely choose according to their actual situations. Our company adopts advanced controllable output material technology that changes the traditional surface-contact to line contact, which makes the discharging size evener and the output higher. Now, it's widely used in refractory, chemical, metallurgy, glass and other industries that have higher requirements on the evenness of the grinded products. In recent years, Hongxing mineral rod mill is gradually used in the building sand industry.

Working Principle of Rotary Rod Mill

When the rotary rod mill is running, the grinding body and materials in the internal cylinder will do uniform circular motion with the cylinder and then be thrown up. Due to the relatively low running speed of the grinder, so the materials and grinding body can't do the entire circular motion, therefore, they will fall into the grinding body when being thrown into to certain height. This cycle makes them collide and squash, so that the materials can be crushed.

Rod mill has now become one of the most important sand making and stone crushing equipment. It is called the limestone rod mill by various customers and manufacturers because its grinding device is steel bar. As the one of the biggest manufacturing enterprises in Zhengzhou, the limestone rod mill produced by our company has gained the reorganization of various clients, which is widely used in sand making production line, chemical plant, power sector, artificial sand and other industries.

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