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Methods to Reduce Energy Consumption of Jaw Crusher

As important equipment in mining machinery, crushing machine is becoming increasingly important. As the most common crusher machine, jaw crusher has a very wide range of applications. However, high energy consumption of jaw crusher machine during the crushing process has always been a big problem to many users, in response to the call of the national energy saving and emission reduction, it is imperative to take measures to improve and innovate the jaw crusher to reduce energy consumption.


First, improve the crushing chamber. Through the analysis of crushing chamber of jaw crusher, we got to know that curved cavity can reduce material clogging. Using stepped structure with high crushing cavity and small mesh angle, we can increase crushing ratio, avoid wear and tear of equipment; reduce the lining board wear consumption.

Secondly, change the hanging way of moving jaw. According to the suspension height difference of moving jaw, suspension modes can be divided into positive hanging, zero suspension and negative suspension. The advantage of negative suspension is that moving jaw has the lowest height, in this way, we can get larger moving jaw stroke with smaller eccentricity, reduce jaw stroke ratio, lower consumption of lining plate.

Thirdly, improve the automatic adjustment function. Electronic regulator can respond quickly and effectively to realize the regulation and testing work, under this circumstance, jaw crusher will become more and more sensitive, and the control of particle size series will get accurate correspondingly.

Last but not least, improve the overload protection performance. Using electronic overload protection device instead of unreliable toggle plate, which can reduce the maintenance workload as well as the labor intensity, it is applicable to various types of jaw crusher.



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