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Complicated Working Mechanism about Crushing Machine

Encircling how to realize these aims, under the support of Henan Science and Technology Commission and domestic certain large-scale crusher manufacturer' key research projects, the research task was orientated to 'the working mechanism and working performance research on compressive crusher'. The full text was expanded from various points of view of crusher working mechanism anal working performance, and several breakthroughs were achieved, including crushing mechanism, compressive crusher productivity model, and chamber geometry design methodology model, crushing product grain size distribution model and multi-objective model and so on.

This paper mainly included these research contents and conclusions as follows:

(1) Summarizing the antiparticle breakage theory and the related achievements of domestic and foreign countries, discussing the advantages, basic premises and feasibilities of applying antiparticle breakage in compressive crushers, the key technology of applying interparticle breakage in compressive crushers was summed up.

(2) Based on kinematic and dynamic characters of crusher and rock material, the motion track model of rock material in chamber was built up, and the crushing zones' characters were also studied, which provided the basis for designing and researching the chamber by the method of crushing zones.

The motive characters of compressive crushers and rock material in the chamber were deeply studied and the influences between motive states of crusher and rock material and crusher working performance also were discussed. Based on motive character of crusher and rock material, the productivity model of compressive crusher was achieved. Beside, the key structure and working parameters of crusher also deeply researched, and the relationship model between productivity and various key factors was built up.

The improved domestic PYB900 cone crusher was considered as research object, the productivity of crusher was studied, and the key structure and working parameters (main shaft rotational speed, cone diameter, base angle of cone, eccentricity, stroke, Close Sided Setting and the length of parallel strip) affecting crusher performance were quantitatively and qualitatively researched, which verified the reliability and feasibility of productivity calculation model.

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