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Repair Knowledge of Common Parts of Jaw Crusher

1. Repair of jaw and side linings of jaw crusher

The jaw plate, also known as the toothed plate, includes the fixed jaw plate on the body and the movable jaw board on the movable jaw, and a side liner plate mounted on the body at both ends of the two jaw plates. The jaw plate directly breaks the material, and withstands the material reaction force and the material friction force, which is the most easily worn part of the jaw break. In order to improve its wear resistance and impact resistance, high manganese steel is generally used as the material. In order to increase the crushing force and reduce the particle size of the material, its surface is cast with triangular tooth. When the lower part of the jaw is flattened, it can be used by turning the flattened part up.

jaw crusher

The side liner is mostly cast steel, which belongs to gouging abrasive wear parts. When the tooth height of the jaw plate is 2/5 and the thickness of the side liner is only 3/5, the new jaw plate and side liner should be replaced, and the worn jaw plate and liner can be repaired by surfacing welding. When repairing the tooth shape of jaw plate by surfacing welding, the method of composite surfacing welding can be adopted, that is using structural electrode as the bottom layer, alloy steel electrode as the transition layer, wear-resistant alloy steel or high manganese steel electrode surfacing as the top layer of teeth. In this way, the tooth core of the jaw plate not only has good toughness, but also has high hardness and wear resistance on the surface.

2. Repair of cracks in jaw crusher frame

If the jaw crusher frame is combination frame, it is mostly a combination of profile welding or steel castings. And the small jaw crusher frame is mostly cast iron material. After long-term work, the frame is prone to crack. Cracks often occur in stress concentration areas, or where the original frame has casting defects. They can be repaired by welding or cold riveting.

3. Repair of the wear of hole and though hole in jaw crusher

Because of the vibration of jaw crusher and the fretting wear during long term work, the bolt hole and through hole are worn, such as the anchor bolt hole, the bearing screw hole and the support hole of the frame of spring pull rod, etc. In addition to welding repair, these holes can also be repaired by adding a welding pad or increasing thread diameter after wear.



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