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The Preparatory Work to Test the Running of Ball Mill

As we all know, it must be tested before the newly installed ball mill does the formal crushing work. It can find whether there is any hidden problem in the process of test operation, which is convenient to correct and improve for manufacturer. In addition, it is an important basis for users to buy the troublesome equipment.

What are the requirements to test ball mill? What needs to be done for the preparing work? These are the necessary preparations to the manufacturers when the test running is done before delivery. The followings are the detailed introductions explained by our professional technician.

First of all, we should check the cleaning work of ball mill. The residual materials and sundries must not be stayed in ball mill.

There are many aspects for the cleaning work. For example, check whether there are sundries in feed and discharge port and vacuum tube of ball mill; clean bearing and the outer cylinder. What’s more, pay attention to remove the debris near the ball mill, so as not to affect the operator's view.

Secondly, before the test running, the oil tube leading to the equipment needs to be disassembled, and close off oil inlet by using blind plate.

ball mill

The detailed methods:

Connect the inlet tube to the outlet pipe by the temporary pipe, and then rinse it with a circulating pump. The qualified standard of rinsing is that there is no sundries in oil filter. Finally, rinse the oil tube by using the circulating pump, and then connect it to ball mill.

Thirdly, before the test running of ball mill, the high-pressure pump needs to be run firstly. Use the high-pressure oil film to jack the ball mill to form a float, which can reduce the rotating distance. Finally, oil each bearing and lubrication part of ball mill.

Next, check the tightness of anchor and liner bolts one by one, and check the voltage and the reliability of the device that control ball mill.

Disassemble the connecting bolts or connecting parts between motor and reducer, reducer and mill coupling, in order to let every part rotate alone.

Finally, do the test running according to the sequence of “motor-reducer-ball mill”. The motor should empty run for 4 hours, and then run 8 hours with reducer, finally run 24 hours with ball mill. In this process, it is qualified if the temperature of main axis and conveying axis does not exceed 55℃, and the temperature of the roll axis of reducer is not more than 70℃. Generally, it is judged qualified if the temperature rising and vibration are kept in a prescribed range after test running for 8-12 hours.

The machine cannot be sold unless it completes the test running and is judged qualified according to the above methods.

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