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The Bearing of the Sand Making Machine Should Be Selected Cautiously

As a special ore processing machinery in the gravel production line, the sand making machine can turn ore into gravel. As for the sand making machine, a kind of large-scale ore processing machinery, its bearing is very important. Here, Hongxing will talk about some notices of the selection of the bearing of the sand making machine. Only the proper bearing can guarantee the normal operation of the sand making machine.

sand making machine

Before the selection of the bearing of the sand making machine, the size of the bearing should be determined. The rolling bearing should be selected according to the size of the bearing. As for a bigger bearing, you can select the roller bearing. As for a smaller one, you can select the ball bearing.

In the selection of the sand making machine, the load that the bearing bears should be firstly determined. If the bearing bears a lot of load, you can select the roller bearing. If the load the bearing bears is not too much, you can adopt the bearing made from carburizing steel. The bearing probably bends or inclines due to the different center lines of the bearing and the bearing base of the sand making machine, the errors in angle, the quite large gap between the two supports of the bearing, or the low stiffness of the bearing. At the moment, the self-aligning ball bearing or the self-aligning roller bearing or the insert bearing can be selected.

The bearing inside the sand making machine has its own rotational speed range and the bearing itself has its limited speed. If the rotational speed of the bearing exceeds its own limited speed, the temperature of the bearing will increase, the lubricant cannot work, or the bearing may get stuck.



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