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Permanent Magnet Self-Discharging Iron Remover

Permanent Magnet Self-Discharging Iron Remover

Application Areas: cement, thermal power generation, mining, ceramics, non-metallic minerals, metallurgical chemicals, glass, coal and other industries

  • Magnetic Field Strength: ≥70mt
  • Belt Width: 500-2000mm

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Product Introduction

The Permanent Magnet Self-Discharging Iron Remover is used for automatically removing ferromagnetic substances from non-magnetic materials. It is usually used in places where there are many irons in the material, and can be used in the process of automatic control, and the automation of the production process can be seen

Permanent Magnet Self-Discharging Iron Remover Features:

  1. 1, The magnetic circuit adopts computer simulation design, perfect double magnetic pole structure, high magnetic field strength, large gradient and large suction force.

  2. 2, The high-performance NdFeB is used as the magnetic source, and the magnetic energy product is high, and it is not easy to demagnetize. The demagnetization is less than 5% in eight years.

  3. 3, The drum drum structure has automatic rectification function, fully sealed bearing seat, good sealing performance, and can adapt to various harsh environments.

  4. 4, The belt is automatically unloaded to ensure long-term trouble-free continuous operation.

  5. 5, The control part can be interlocked with the belt conveyor to realize local manual control and centralized control


The Permanent Magnet Self-Discharging Iron Remover is a high-performance permanent magnet core, composed of iron unloading chain cover, manual iron removal, and various types of conveyors are used. The internal magnetic circuit design uses a computer to simulate a double magnetic pole structure. When the ferromagnetic impurities accumulated at the bottom of the magnet accumulate to a certain extent, the manual manual handle drives the scraper to remove the waste.

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