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How Do You Make Your Crusher for the Winter?

In the cold season, people are all dressed in thick cotton clothes. In fact, crusher is also afraid of the cold, and also need to prepare for keeping away the cold. Here let me show you how to give your crusher a safe winter.

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1. The Cleaning of Crushers

In winter, the cleaning of crusher cannot be slackened. We need to clean the chassis and working devices of the crusher on a regular basis, and at this time, we can check whether the parts are intact or not.

2. Choice & Changing of the oil

When the temperature is low, the oil liquid of the crusher is easy to wax, which affects the flow performance, causes the combustion not to be thorough, and reduces the power situation of the machine. At this point, it is recommended to use diesel with low pour point and change lubricating oil and grease.

3. Maintenance of Parts of Crushers

Check the working state of the thermostat during the maintenance of the diesel engine cooling system. Once the mud is found in the water tank, it must be removed immediately. In addition, the storage battery will also be charged regularly to give a good maintenance of preheating device.

In addition to the above, there also is a need for regular checks on the adequacy of brake fluid. In the case of a bad environment, you can stop production or choose a relatively warm place.

Jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and other crushing equipment in the low temperature environment, it will not only reduce their service life, but also may make the crusher water and oil freeze. So, it is necessary to check frequently in winter.

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