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Some Notices of the Toothed Plate of the Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is a kind of ore processing machinery used to conduct the coarse crushing process in the gravel production line. Compared with the other general ore crushing machines, the jaw crusher can be used to crush the ore with higher hardness, which, certainly, will cause severe wear of the jaw crusher. We, Hongxing Heavy Machinery, will talk about the toothed plate, the frequently worn part of the jaw crusher.

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The service life of the toothed plate, a quick-wear part of the jaw crusher, is variable due to different kinds of the materials ready to be crushed. For example, the service life of a set of toothed plates can be more than half a year if they are used to crush limestone, which is of low hardness and compression strength. However, if a set of toothed plates are used to crush quartz with high hardness and compression strength, it can only be used for few days. Therefore, the cost of the toothed plate accounts for a great part of the maintenance fund of the jaw crusher.

Besides, when the hardness of the material is much lower than the hardness of the toothed plate, the main wear mechanism of the toothed plate is strain fatigue grinding. If the bars on the toothed plate are smoothed by grinding, the crushing efficiency of the machine will be very low and some material will be wasted.

Hongxing suggests that users can adopt some right methods to decrease the abrasion of the toothed plate of the jaw crusher. First of all, you can adopt the wear resistant welding bars and a layer of wear resistant gold can be on the surface of the new toothed plate by bead weld, which can prolong the service life of the new toothed plate. Second of all, when the thickness of the toothed plate has become half of the original one, it should be discharged to be processed by wear-resistant bead welding.

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