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The Application of the Third-generation Sand Maker in the Sand Production Line

The third-generation sand maker, often used in the gravel production line, is welcomed by lots of gravel plants’ bosses, due to its many advantages, such as big handling capacity, big feeding size, etc. Besides, it has the superiority in the investment in the early stage, which can save the cost,. Thus, it’s very proper for the small-and-medium investors.

sand making machine

However, the third-generation sand maker also has some disadvantages. Next, we, Hongxing Mining Machinery, will talk about them to you.

First of all, there is the limit in the selection of the raw materials. The third-generation sand maker mainly can process the medium-hardness materials due to its unique working principle. The hammers of the sand maker and the materials hit each other and the materials can be broken.

Second of all, because of the unique working principle, it is inevitable that the content of the stone powder of the final product often exceeds the standard. Besides, the content of the stone powder of the final product is also related to the property of the material.



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