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How to Improve the Sand Producing Rate of Sand Maker

The sand production rate directly relates to the revenue and expenditure of an enterprise. How to improve the rate? I think it is every colleague who works in gravel want to know. Therefore, I will take a brief answer for everyone by relying on this platform. The details are as follows:

There are often two ways of improving the sanding rate. One is to choose the sand maker with high efficiency of sand making. The other one is to pay attention to some details in the process of operation.

1. The first way

The first thing is to choose some famous brand, such as Hongxing, which is guaranteed. Secondly, users must test run the chosen sand making machine. Because seeing is believing. Only really use it, users can know the quality.

sand maker

2. The second way

Detail 1: operation of regulatory and rationalization. During in use, users must strictly follow the instructions for rationalized operations.

Detail 2: Correct Feeding. Reasonable feeding is an important point in improving the sand making rate of the sand making machine. Both too much and too little feeding is uneven feeding, which will affect the normal operation of the sand maker, and affect the sand production of sand stone making machine.

Detail 3: To develop a habit of regularly checking the wear situation of the internal parts of the sand maker. Replace the worn component in time. In addition, it should be noted that the replaced parts are best selected from the original factory.

Detail 4: According to the difference of materials, configure the sand making equipment reasonably. For example, for the soft sand, such as shale, it needs to choose jaw crusher and sand maker. While for the sandstone with high hardness, such as granite and marble, cone crusher and sand maker are recommended to choose.

Of course, except the above mentioned, the more details are also depend on whether you has a good back-up team.

With more than 40 years of service, Hongxing has produced various type of sand making equipment. The sand production rate is above 500t/h at least and the operation is stable. In addition, for the customers, whose especial production demand, professional customization is supported. If you have any requirement, welcome to free consult our customer service staff at any time.

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