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Crawler Mobile Crusher

Crawler Mobile Crusher

Application fields: mining, stone mining, highway (railway) construction, urban construction waste treatment, etc.

  • Processing capacity: 100-580 t/h
  • Feeding size: 350-700 mm

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Product Introduction

Crawler Mobile Crusher, as a kind of crushing and screening equipment, is also called Crawler-type Hydraulic Drive Crushing Station. Not only does it adopts the hydraulic system driving crawler to run smoothly, but also can adapt to various complex operating conditions.

crawler mobile crusher applications and applicable materials

Crawler Mobile Crusher Features:

  1. 1. The chassis adopts steel ship structure with high strength and it is highly adaptable to different working sites

  2. 2. The well-known brand motor achieves the good performance of the power system, with features of low noise and energy saving, etc

  3. 3. According to different requirements of customers, we can provide the different crushing and screening equipment and combined type optimum design, and we fully guarantee the quality

  4. 4. The generator set can be equipped, work normally under complex situations, such as the situation of no power or sudden power off, ensuring continuous operation and reducing unnecessary loss

crawler mobile crusher production site
crawler mobile crusher
crawler mobile crusher

Factory Price

The 100% ex-factory price is our commitment, and our company can guarantee the quality of these machines. Choosing Hongxing will not disappoint you. We have a professional mobile crusher sales staff, you can click on the online customer service on the right side, and you can ask questions in real time. Or you can leave a message in the message box at the bottom of the page and our staff will contact you shortly. You can also send an email to

Technical data

  • Crawler Mobile Crusher
  • Crawler Mobile Jaw Crusher
  • Crawler Mobile Impact Crusher
  • Crawler Mobile Vibrating Screening Station
  • Crawler Mobile Cone Crusher
  • Caterpillar Carrier

Classification of items A type Dual power crawler type mobile feeding and screening plant B type Dual power crawler type mobile feeding and screening plant
models Y3S154GL Y3S184GL Y3S186GL Y3S154BL Y3S184BL Y3S186BL
Vibrating screen(mm) 3YZS1548 3YZS1848 3YZS1860 3YZS1548 3YZS1848 3YZS1860
Main belt conveyor Belt conveyor feeding Sorting and feeding
Belt conveyor Feeding belt conveyor B1000×4M B1000×4M B1200×4.5M B1200×3M B1200×3M B1200×3M
Main belt conveyor B800×5M B1000×5M B1000×5M B1000×8M B1200×8M B1200×9M
Under vibrating screen B800×4.5M B1000×4.5M B1000×5.5M B800×7M B1000×7M B1000×8M
Left side-opening belt conveyor B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B650×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B650×7.3M
Right side-opening belt conveyor1 B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B650×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B650×7.3M
Right side-opening belt conveyor2 B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B650×7.3M
Genset(kw) 120 120 120 120 120 120
Transportation length(mm) 12300 12300 13500 12000 12000 13200
Transportation width(mm) 2700 2920 2920 2900 3150 3150
Transportation height(mm) 3900 3900 3900 3600 3600 3700
Transportation Weight(t) 28 30 34 28 32 35

Model HXC96 HXC106
Bin Volume 3m³ 5m³
Chain Plate Feeder GZDT9538 GZDT1145
Jaw Crusher CJ96 CJ106
Main Conveyor LTB800×10m LTB1000×11.5m
Side Conveyor LTB500×3.2m LTB650×3.5m
Iron Remover RCYD650 RCYD800
Caterpillar 500×3.8m 500×3.8m
Speed 0-20m/min 0-20m/min
Climbing Ability ±20° ±20°
Engine Power 96kw 106kw
Total Power 112.9kw 141.4kw
OverAll Dimensions 13m×2.8m×3.5m 14.4m×3m×3.6m
Weight 38t 50t
Capacity 300tph 450tph

Model HXCI1110 HXCI1213
Bin Volume 3m³ 4m³
Chain Plate Feeder GZDT9538 GZDT1145
Impact Crusher CI1110 CI1213
Iron Remover RCYD650 RCYD800
Primary Screening HX1230 HX1430
Main Belt LTB800×10m LTB1000×10m
Belt Under Screen LTB800×5m LTB1000×6m
Return Conveyor Belt LTB500×11m LTB650×12m
Belt Above Screen LTB500×1.5m LTB650×1.7m
Caterpillar 500m×3.8m 500m×4.2m
Speed 0-20m/min 0-20m/min
Climbing Ability ±20° ±20°
Engine Power 96kw 106kw
Total Power 196.8kw 250.8kw
OverAll Dimensions 17m×3.5m×4m 18.5m×3.6m×4.1m
Weight 40t 52t
Capacity 100-250tph 160-400tph


Model HXT2/3HX1545 HXT2/3HX1855 HXT2/3HX2165
Bin Volume 2m³ 3m³ 3m³
Feeding Belt LTB800×11m LTB1000×11.5m LTB1000×12.5m
Vibrating Screen 2/3HX1545 2/3HX1855 2/3HX2165
Belt Under Screen LTB800×8m LTB1000×8m LTB1000×8m
Coarse Material Belt LTB500×6m LTB650×6m LTB650×6m
Secondary Material Belt LTB500×6m LTB650×7m LTB650×7m
Fine Material Belt LTB500×6m LTB650×7m LTB650×7m
Caterpillar 500×3.4m 500×3.8m 500×4.2m
Speed 0-20m/min 0-20m/min 0-20m/min
Climbing Ability ±20° ±20° ±20°
Engine Power 76kw 76kw 96kw
Total Power 45.5kw 56.5kw 65kw
OverAll Dimensions 14.8m×4.2m×2.9m 14.8m×4.2m×2.9m 15.8m×4.5m×3.5m
Weight 28t 35t 46.5t
Capacity 300tph 400tph 580tph

Model HXTSC160 HXTSC250 HXHP300
Bin Volume 3m³ 3m³ 3m³
Feeding Belt LTB1000×6m LTB1000×6m LTB1200×6m
Cone Crusher SC160 SC250 HP300
Main Conveyor LTB800×10m LTB1000×10m LTB1000×10m
Primary Screening HX1230 HX1430 HX1430
Under Conveyor Belt LTB800×5.5m LTB1000×5.5m LTB1000×5.5m
Screen Head Belt LTB500×1.5m LTB650×1.5m LTB650×1.7m
Return Belt LTB500×11m LTB650×11m LTB650×12m
Caterpillar 500×3.8m 500×4.2m 500×4.2m
Speed 0-20m/min  0-20m/min 0-20m/min
Climbing Ability ±20° ±20° ±20°
Engine Power  96kw 106kw 106kw
Total Power  201kw 298.5kw 268.5kw
OverAll Dimensions 17m×4m×5m 19m×4.3m×5.5m 19m×4.3m×5.5m
Weight  40t 53t 52t
Capacity 100-250tph  180-450tph 160-400tph

Performance parameters Equipment configuration
Items Motor power(kw) Climbing gradient(%) Highest walking speed(km/h) Vibrating feeder Crusher model
HX2S1848L 92 30 1.39   2YZS1848
HX938E57L 92 30 1.39 GZD850×3000 PE500×750
HX938E69L 150 30 1.39 GZD850×3000 HD80
HXPSG09 180 30 1.39 GZD1100×4200 PSG09
HX938F124L 220 30 1.39 GZD1000×3600 PE1214


Minimum gap(mm) Working height(mm) Working width(mm) Working length(mm) Transportation Length(mm) Transportation Width(mm)
320 4500 3150 15800 3500 3150
320 3800 3150 13500 3300 3000
320 4000 3150 14000 3600 3600
320 3900 3150 14500 3900 3900
320 4400 3150 14000 3800 3800

  • Crawler Mobile Crusher
  • Crawler Mobile Jaw Crusher
  • Crawler Mobile Impact Crusher
  • Crawler Mobile Vibrating Screening Station
  • Crawler Mobile Cone Crusher
  • Caterpillar Carrier

Models Transportation 
Y3S154GL 12300 2700
Y3S184GL 12300 2920
Y3S186GL 13500 2920
Y3S154BL 12000 2900
Y3S184BL 12000 3150
Y3S186BL 13200 3150

Model Main Conveyor Capacity
HXC96 LTB800×10m 300pht
HXC106 LTB1000×11.5m 450pht

Model Impact Crusher Capacity
HXCI1110 CI1110 100-250tph
HXCI1213 CI1213 160-400tph

Model Vibrating Screen Biggest Processing Capacity
HXT2/3HX1545 2/3HX1545 300tph
HXT2/3HX1855 2/3HX1855 400tph
HXT2/3HX2165 2/3HX2165 580tph

Model Main Conveyor Capacity
HXTSC160 LTB800×10m 100-250pht
HXTSC250 LTB1000×10m 180-450pht
HXTHP300 LTB1000×10m 160-400pht

Items Vibrating feeder Crusher model
HX2S1848L 2YZS1848  
HX938E57L GZD850×3000 PE500×750
HX938E69L GZD850×3000 HD80
HXPSG09 GZD1100×4200 PSG09
HX938F124L GZD1000×3600 PE1214


4500 15800 3150
3800 13500 3000
4000 14000 3600
3900 14500 3900
4400 14000 3800

For customization, please contact us.


Mobile Jaw Crusher

High Crushing Ratio Big Feeding Size A Wide Range of Applications High Mobility
Mobile Jaw Crusher

Mobile Cone Crusher

High Performance High Productivity Safe and Reliable Operation High Mobility
Mobile Cone Crusher

Mobile Crushing Station

Flexible Configuration High Mobility High Adaptability Customization
Mobile Crushing Station

Mobile Impact Crusher

Nice Particle Shape of Final Product Compact and Unique Structure High Productivity High Mobility
Mobile Impact Crusher
Applied materials:

cement, limestone, granite, basalt, aggregate, calcite, quartz, concrete, dolomite, bluestone, iron ore, coal gangue, construction waste, ferrosilicon, etc.

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