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Sand Washing Plant

Sand Washing Plant

Application fields: construction sites, sand and gravel fields, glass factories, power stations, concrete and stone, and electrical fields.

  • Processing capacity:15-200t/h
  • Motor power: 8p4-8p11

Applied materials: river pebbles, pebbles, limestone, granite, quartz sand, natural sand, machine sand, river sand, etc.

The Hot-sale Models of Sand Washing Plant

1. The hot sale models are including 2208, 2611, 2914, 3020, and the capacity our customers often chosen is including 15-40m³/h, 20-65m³/h, 50-100m³/h, 120-200m³/h.

2. The finished products can be washed cleanly in the sand washing process, and the medium and fine sand will be less in the process, which can make the finished sand fully satisfy the national standards of the construction sand.

The Major Function and Application of Sand Washing Plant

Sand washing plant is the washing equipment for the natural sand and the artificial sand making process, and this machine can be widely used for the separating process in the fields such as glass factory, building construction, mining, sandstone pits, building materials, transportation, the chemical, water conservancy, concrete mixing plant and so on.

Price of Sand Washer Plant

Sand washers are one of the necessary equipment in construction, sand and gravel fields, glass factories, power stations, concrete prefabricated stones and electrical fields. But the price of different models of different manufacturers is not the same. The indicators and parameters of the Hongxing Sand Washer are strictly controlled in accordance with national standards. The sand washing machine produced on the basis of nearly 40 years of production experience meets the market demand and the price is reasonable.

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Why Choose Us?

Our sand washing plant is being developed towards the multiple functions, multiple directions and various types at this right minute, especially for the production and usage of the new type sand washing plant, which not only can decrease the investment cost of our customers, but also can satisfy the requirement of customers on the multiple function. The contents above on can finally brings along the enormous economical wealth, and also can avoid the environmental pollution caused by the sand loss, which is the direct reason why this type sand washing plant is being named the first generation sand washing weapon by the customers.

Technical data

Specification Processing Capacity(t/h) Motor Power
2208 15-40 8p 4kw
2611 20-65 8p 5.5kw
2914 50-100 8p 7.5kw
3020 80-200 8p 11kw
3121 90-260 8p 11KW

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